My Property File

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My Property file given a new look and new features

On the full property details within your website, there is a Property File, this allows your customers to register their requirements online and be automatically updated when your properties are updated. In some cases it looks like a star and in others a heart. If you have a look now you will see that this benefit has been improved in terms of both look and functionality.

In addition to your customers seeing an improvement we have also made the data download into Jakx when you do an upload.

You will need the new version and this is currently being rolled out, if this benefit is something that you are keen to promote then please email and they will do this as soon as they can.

The Property File can be customised on the site so please contact us for more information on this. We can also add a specific My Property File Button to the home page of your website. The standard button would be just £20 plus VAT or a bespoke button is just £35 plus VAT. Again for more information please contact the design team at ISSL

This tool is a great asset to you and your clients as it keeps them coming back to you and being reminded of the services you offer and doesn't take them away from your site. They may not know about it hence the need for a register button and for you to help promote it to them.

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