ISSL Social Responsibility

ISSL tries to help, all be it in small ways, a number of local organisations.

Lancashire Spinners Basketball Team

In early 2011 we were asked by Ken Masser of the Rossendale Raptors if we would provide a quote for a new website that would enable them to compete in the online space with their rival teams. They were looking for something that was modern, fresh and that would appeal to a variety of age groups. It had to not only be a source of information for the existing members, but also help attract new ones. We knew that as a non-profit-making organisation money was tight, so we designed and built the site for free and became a sponsor.

In 2014 in order for the club to grow it re-branded to The Lancashire Spinners and a new website was needed in order. Once again we offered to help and created a new website.

Visit the Lancashire Spinners website
Lancashire Spinners logo
Visit Rossendale logo

Visit Rossendale

Lisa was initially involved with the Rawtenstall Town Team as the Treasurer which came about with a bid as part of the Mary Portas Scheme. Overtime focus changed and Lisa now helps by maintaining the events pages on the Visit Rossendale website.

Visit the Visit Rossendale website

Rossendale Hospice logo

Nominated Charity

Our nominated charity is Rossendale Hospice, which is local to our Rawtenstall office. This organisation and team of volunteers help lots of people every day in many ways. As with any hospice facility, it costs a lot of money to keep going, so if you can help in any way please do.

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