Email Option Comparison

ISSL offers a number of email options, so there will be an option to suit you and your business requirements.

Please note that it is not possible to just move one email between systems, all email accounts for a domain have to be on the same system.




Hosted Exchange

Google Business Apps

Mail kept on multiple servers for resilience No Yes Yes
Easy to administer via cPanel Yes No No
Storage space 1GB per account 75GB per account 30GB per account
Sync to other devices Email Email, Calendars, Tasks, Notes Email, Calendars, Tasks, Notes
Shared calendars, tasks and notes No Yes Yes
Automatic Backup No Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Limited Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Limited Yes Yes
Push email support No Yes Yes
10 year archiving option No Optional Optional
Microsoft Outlook No 2007, 2010, 2013 or Outlook for Mac OSX 2011 at £1.50 per account per month Supported
Mix and Match options available No Yes Yes
Web Mail Yes Yes Yes
Terms Provided "As Is" Pay Monthly/Annually Pay Annually
Pricing NO LONGER PROVIDED £5.29 Per Account Per Month + Vat £4.45 Per Account Per Month + Vat
Details NO LONGER PROVIDED More Details More Details