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Multi language websites

WWW is the World Wide Web, so if you sell to the world then you can sell in multiple languages.

When we refer to multi-language websites, we mean a website that has been built with both foreign and domestic customers in mind. Although closer to home, this is ideal for those wanting a website in both English and Welsh, for example.

“You could use Google translate but this is not necessarily going to be as accurate as your customers need.

A multi-language website does require the content to be translated first, but once done, duplicate pages are created and each one can have its own search engine optimisation. There are no real restrictions on the languages you can use - by which we mean that if you want to use Russian or Chinese lettering, you can.

Why should you have a multi-language website?

The world wide web continues to grow and is the first point of call for many businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or general information. A few reasons to consider one are:

1. Cost Effective Marketing Tool

In the same way your site in English is a cost effective way of marketing your brand here, using the same image and style but in a different language lets you market toward customers all over the world.

2. New Customers

Creating a version of your website in more than one language opens it up to potentially thousands more people who are looking for a product or service that you offer.

3. Increase Sales

The more languages that you market your business in, the more potential for an increase in sales. Even if you translated into just a few prevalent languages—for example French, German and Spainish—there is potentially a huge increase in customer base! How many other ways can you get a potential increase for such a small investment?

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