Staff Holiday Requests

Authorising Holiday Requests

Holiday requests will only appear, in between Reports and Administration, when there are requests to process.

Staff Name                  the person requesting a holiday. By clicking on their name, a new tab will open and show their holidays in the Administration/Staff section. Close this tab when happy to process the requests.

View in the Diary        Opens in a new tab the Diary, and also opens the holiday request so that you can Authorise or Decline the request.

Viewing Requests


Approved                    approve the request

Declined                      decline the request

Decline reason            add to the Notes further information regarding the reason for declining a request.

Save                            Save the decision

Close                           Do not do anything with this request

Once you have process this request, click on the X to close the tab, then press Refresh to re-load all the outstanding Holiday requests.

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